Keynote Goes Even Greener!

Announcing the results of Keynote's office "going greener" contest!

We've been switching our paper systems to electronic and online systems for years now, and of course recycling whenever we can, but we can always do better at conserving our planet's resources. So everyone at Keynote submitted their best ideas on conserving energy, water, paper products, electronics, packaging, or anything else they could think of.

The ideas were judged on environmental impact, practicality, and general usability. The tiebreaker was which ideas could be implemented by the most people in our office. First prize was a gift card to Trader Joe's, a company known for using local growers and independent food producers.

After sifting through dozens of great ideas, we couldn't pick just one; we ended up with a three-way tie! The winning ideas were submitted by Peter Gunardi, Krystiana Dela Cuadra, and Sue Rouquette.

Peter's idea was replacing our plastic DVD cases with paper envelopes. Paper is recyclable, and it's lighter and smaller, reducing mailing bulk. We will purchase paper ones when our current plastic stock runs out. Great idea and simple to implement.

Krystiana's winning idea: set up an online page for current Keynote speakers to send us updates, and for speakers interested in working with us to submit their materials. This will reduce a lot of paper usage (getting all those one-sheets and folders in the mail!) and courier services, and it will help people outside our office to be more energy-efficient too. This idea seemed to have the greatest overall impact. It will take a bit of time to get it running perfectly, but it's a work in progress as we speak!

Sue's winning ideas were about some simple measures for saving energy and recycling: saving electricity by turning out unused lights, setting computers to sleep when not in use, and using more recyclable/recycled/refillable office products. These suggestions were easily implemented by the entire office, so everyone could contribute. Many people already were taking these steps, but not everyone and not every time. These suggestions pushed us all to be more conscious of our choices on a daily basis.

We had dozens of other great ideas, such as turning off the "dry" cycle of our kitchen dishwasher, receiving faxes electronically, and reducing the size of our catalog to save on paper and mailing bulk.

An idea we unfortunately could not implement was an office shutdown on Fridays - sorry everyone! Speakers deliver their programs every day of the week! And clients would start to wonder where we were on Fridays...

As new ways of being a socially responsible company appear on the horizon, perhaps we'll have to make this contest an annual event. Possible new twist for next time - how can Keynote contribute more to our local community?

"The speaker you recommended was great! He blew the audience away with hilarious jokes and useful information. He was the perfect addition to our agenda, and has set the bar pretty high for next year."--Operations Manager, Healthcare Foundation

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