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  • Corporate Culture Change
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  • Help Everyone in the Company Think like a Salesperson--Even the Accountants!
  • Get High Productivity without High Pressure
  • Doing Business in Mexico and Latin America
  • Increasing Your Sales in the Hispanic Community


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Steve Savage is an acclaimed sales and management strategist who has helped dozens of companies dramatically increase their sales and profits.

Mr. Savage's strategies are based on a lifetime of building companies throughout the Western Hemisphere. He has achieved many dazzling successes (and a few failures). He co-founded Institutional Financing Services in 1979. He took the company from zero to $60 million in six years and sold it to Colgate Palmolive in 1985.

Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing (20 million copies sold) describes Steve Savage as "the most brilliant and gutsy guerrilla marketer I have ever known." His last two books are Guerrilla Business Secrets and Savage Sales Secrets.

Mr. Savage's latest book, Savage Sales Secrets: 29 Proven Strategies for Profitable Sales, will tell you how to do it right and how to do it wrong. Share his successes and failures and learn how you can do it too!

Steve Savage is a partner in three companies: Xiadani is a Mexican company that helps schools raise money, Caffino is a chain of drive-thru gourmet coffee bars, and 1-800-Radiator an automotive parts distribution company.

Mr. Savage is an energetic and powerful public speaker that motivates audiences in his keynotes and seminars. He has worked with corporate CEO's in promoting culture change to make each company totally customer oriented.

Steve Savage's academic credentials are solid, with a BA in philosophy from Wheaton College and an MBA in marketing from Michigan State University. He grew up in Ecuador, speaks and writes perfect Spanish, and has lived in Brazil and also learned Portuguese. However, his marketing and sales tactics do not come from the ivory tower. They come straight from the trenches.

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  • Savage Sales Secrets: 29 Proven Strategies for Profitable Sales (2010)
  • Guerrilla Business Secrets
  • Savage Sales Secrets

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