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  • If You Can't Run With Big Dogs, Stay On The Front Porch
  • Man's Best Medicine
  • Get Growing And Grazing
  • You Won't Gettuth Unless You Askuth - Sic-em
  • The Good News Bearers
  • Max God's Gifts
  • It's Not A Matter of Life & Death, It's More Important Than That
  • The World Is My Vineyard
  • If It Is To Be, It's Up To Me
  • There Ain't No Shortcuts To Success


Humor | Motivation | Sales | Sports | Marketing


Sam Ball's speaking philosophy is simple, "Don't give 'em a speech--give them a show!" Audiences will want to suit up and get in the game after they quit laughing at some of his famous jokes and stories about his amazing careers.

Audiences will also realize that being an all-American, world champion and an award winning salesman are not something ordered out of a catalogue, but are a product of hard work, determination, and fighting through pain. They can take these principles back home and put them to work in their lives, their business, or their sports team and obtain the next level of success and happiness.

Sam Ball is a country boy who became a NCAA consensus all-American from the University of Kentucky, an NFL 1st round draft choice, NFL champion, and super bowl world champion with the Baltimore Colts. After retiring from his NFL career, he returned home to raise his family, became active in his church, community, and coaching youth.

Mr. Ball retired from an award winning multimillion-dollar Ag-business sales career. He continues to manage his own successful grain, hay and cattle farm, in addition to pursuing his professional speaking career.

Sam Ball's professional speaking career now spans over 30 years all over the USA and Canada. You can take his principles back home and put them to work in your life, business or sports team. Fight your way to the next level of success and happiness!

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