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Bill Dresselhaus is passionate about the creative innovation process. With an extensive career in new product design and development, he wears many hats: product engineer, industrial designer, business entrepreneur, innovation strategist, graphic artist, educator, author, speaker and publisher. A pioneer in product design and design facilitation, Bill Dresselhaus is responsible for several award-winning products in the high-tech marketplace, from desktop computers to digital projectors to scientific instruments. Bill Dresselhaus was one of the first in-house product designers at Apple Computer, leading and managing the design process for several innovative products, including the forerunner of the Macintosh. He was also one of the first in-house product designers at InFocus, functioning as lead designer and project manager on revolutionary new projection systems.

Besides all phases of product development and business management from concept to production, Bill Dresselhaus' background includes biochemical research, petroleum refinery design and information graphics development. He is named on a number of design patents and international design awards.

In designing and authoring his unique book, ROI: Return On Innovation, Bill Dresselhaus integrated his design, engineering, management, manufacturing and business expertise with his intense passion for design and innovation process. He strongly feels design is the universal creative process essential across any enterprise for implementing the true business of business: generating need-filling, innovative new ideas and turning them into wealth-building products and services. In ROI, Bill graphically and visually describes how to facilitate innovation throughout a business, beginning with new product development, and ultimately permeating the entire enterprise. ROI has been a textbook in college and professional training venues and provides the basis for Bill Dresselhaus' Innovation Kitchen(TM) seminars and corporate consulting.

Bill has an M.S. in Product Design from Stanford University, an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University, and trained in the Executive Special Studies Graduate Program in Industrial Design at Art Center College of Design. His clients have included Apple, Sun Microsystems, National Semiconductor, TransFRESH Corp., InFocus Corp., SDRC, Oregon Graduate Institute, Alias/Wavefront, Oregon3D, Silicon Graphics, IDEO, Institute for Industrial Policy Studies, Center for Design and Business, EDS/UGS, Telechips Corp., Lunar Design, and many others.

Founder and president of Dresselhaus Design Group, Inc., Bill consults in industrial design, product development and innovation management. He conducts seminars and training in creativity and innovation and teaches industrial design, design management, product marketing, product development and other subjects in a variety of international education venues. Bill's passion is the use of design, visualization and simulation to enhance innovation in business and education. Bill Dresselhaus provides management, consulting and training internationally to entrepreneurs, corporations and educational institutions for revolutionary business success.

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  • ROI: Return on Innovation

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