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Keynote Speakers Inc. Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary - 35 Years of Excellent Speakers

Youíve been asked to plan the next big company event. The pressure is on. But where do you begin? Spend hours searching the Internet? Read hundreds of biographies, books, and articles? Watch dozens of mediocre videos that look like they've been filmed by your third grade nephew? And who knows if any of these speakers can do what they say they can do.

Or, you're a veteran planner. You know what you're doing. You've booked dozens of speakers, some excellent, some good, some, well... not so good. You need excellent. Every time. And you need some fresh ideas. Oh, and they better not be high maintenance. You don't have time to sort out the green M&Ms.

Keynote Speakers can help you. For almost 30 years, weíve provided our clients with speakers for every occasion and every audience. We will help you with every step of the process, at whatever level you need.

What does our service cost you? Absolutely nothing. Itís free. With Keynote Speakers you pay the same fee for a professional speaker as if you were working with each speaker directly. (Ask one of our agents to explain how that works - it's no secret.)

And we have access to just about everyone who speaks. The proverbial "one stop shop", as we like to say.

We have stacks and stacks of our speakers' bestsellers, just lying around waiting for a good home. If you take the time to consider using our services, we'd like to thank you by sending you a free book. Click here to get started.


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How does a speakers bureau add value?

What makes a bureau better than an online seach?
Watch a short video, starring two familiar Keynote faces.

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"The experience start to finish was fantastic. I will use your company again for my next year's event!"
—Trade Industry Magazine/November 2013

"Your team made it very easy from start to finish."
—Technology Firm/October 2013

"We have been using Keynote Speakers for years and they have never failed to find someone within our price range and a good to great speaker."
—California Association


Bill Reichert

Bill Reichert is a company builder, an enabler of entrepreneurial visions. Bill searches the globe for brilliant entrepreneurial teams, focusing on the team's passion and commitment, not just numbers and spreadsheets. Bill is currently Managing .... MORE

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